Buddhism in the West, including Shin Buddhism, has never had a better opportunity to share the Dharma with a diverse population. Shin Buddhism arrived in America just prior to the turn of the Twentieth Century along with the early Japanese immigrant. This course introduces the Western governing organization of Shin Buddhism, including Buddhist Churches of America in North America, then Hawaii, Canada, Brazil and Germany. Each video was created locally by ministers. We hope you enjoy it and appreciate the global history of Shin Buddhism.

Your Instructor

Rev. Dr. Mutsumi Wondra


Resident Minister at Orange County Buddhist Church. Born and raised in the Shin Buddhist tradition, educated in Kyoto, Japan. Was a trade and finance professional. Changed career midlife. Received a Ph.D. in Jodo Shinshu Buddhism, ordained at the Nishi Hongwangi in Kyoto, Japan and is a Research Fellow and Adjunct Professor at the Institute of Buddhist Studies (IBS).