Rennyo Shōnin, the 8th generation leader of Jodo Shinshu (Shin Buddhist tradition), is revered for his great achievement as the “Second Founder” in the eight-hundred-year history of the Hongwanji. When he became the spiritual head of the Hongwanji during a very turbulent period in Japan. Rennyo transmitted, in an easily under-stood manner, the path of being spiritually liberated according to Amida Buddha’s deep wish, and the nembutsu taught by the Founder Shinran Shōnin. Because of Rennyo’s energetic propagation carried on through his life, the teaching of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism spread throughout the country and became the foundation for the Hongwanji today. In this course, we will learn about the life of Rennyo and his propagation methods, which may provide some insight into the American Shinshū community today.

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Rev. Dr. Mutsumi Wondra


Resident Minister at Orange County Buddhist Church. Born and raised in the Shin Buddhist tradition, educated in Kyoto, Japan. Was a trade and finance professional. Changed career midlife. Received a Ph.D. in Jodo Shinshu Buddhism, ordained at the Nishi Hongwangi in Kyoto, Japan and is a Research Fellow and Adjunct Professor at the Institute of Buddhist Studies (IBS).

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