Siddhartha was a man of his time in early India and followed a spiritual quest from the ages of 29 to 35. An underlying assumption of Indian spirituality was that permanence and “Being” is where truth lies. Through Siddhartha’s commitment to find a more meaningful truth, this course begins to look at why suffering is caused by holding onto permanence rather than embracing change. We will explore the Buddha’s (formerly Siddartha) reinterpretation of India cosmology and paradigm shift from “Being” to “Becoming”. Through the language of that era, he taught this new way of life to his early followers, the original Buddhist Sangha.

Your Instructor

Rev. Jon Turner


Lead Minister for Everyday Buddhist. Resident Minister at Orange County Buddhist Church. High School athlete, UCLA mathematician, and computer programmer, who found Buddhism mid-career and changed the course of his life. Earned a Master’s degree from the Institute of Buddhist Studies and was ordained as a full-time Shin Buddhist Minister at the Nishi Hongwangi in Kyoto, Japan.

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