Shan-tao, a historic Chinese Pure Land Buddhist master, focused on the Contemplation Sutra and wrote the commentaries including his great works in praising the rite of rebirth, Dharma practice, how to recite the Buddha's names. Shan-tao was first to define the Amida Buddha's Land as the True Land, His teachings carried to Honen, an early Japanese Pure Land Buddhist master in the 12th Century. Honen evolved Shan-tao’s practice into the Five Right Practices, of which uttering Amida’s Name was most important. Shinran Shonin, and disciple of Honen’s, further refined the practice and is today recognized as the founder of the Jodo Shinshu Buddhist tradition. Rennyo, Shinran’s 8th generational direct descendent, is credited with the most important step of reviving and restoring the practice; which today is the largest Buddhist practice in Japan.

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Rev. Dr. Mutsumi Wondra


Resident Minister at Orange County Buddhist Church. Born and raised in the Shin Buddhist tradition, educated in Kyoto, Japan. Was a trade and finance professional. Changed career midlife. Received a Ph.D. in Jodo Shinshu Buddhism, ordained at the Nishi Hongwangi in Kyoto, Japan and is a Research Fellow and Adjunct Professor at the Institute of Buddhist Studies (IBS).