One can meditate silently or through sound, using one's mind, voice or body. Buddhism encompasses a broad array of these practices. Zen practices silently with the body while the Pure Lad tradition would practice with sound through one's voice. While meditation used to conjure up an image of a monk on a cushion, more recently a focus on "mindfulness" and "awareness" have popularized meditation as a "gratitude" practice. This course will examine an array of mediation practices. We discuss how Buddhism takes you beyond the intention of self-help into the concept of selflessness.

Your Instructor

Rev. Ellen Crane


Ordained Shin Buddhist at the Nishi Hongwangi in Kyoto, Japan, a trained attorney, former schoolteacher, and avid outdoor enthusiast. Ellen was born and raised in the Shin Buddhist tradition and left the temple for 25 years before re-immersing into Buddhism. Recently earned a master’s degree in Buddhist Studies.